As the founder and president of Delano Garner Training and Development, Delano has partnered with public and private organizations throughout California to inspire success within their organizations. With more than two decades of experience, Delano has become a trusted partner for organizations large and small. Specializing in organizational change initiatives, team-building, leadership development, and customer service training, Delano Garner customizes solutions and guides organizations through planning, transformation and reinforcement to ensure long-term success.

Delano’s credentials include a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the California State University – Hayward; and an MA in Leadership from Saint Mary's College of California. Delano is a very active facilitator and speaker.

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Ian is a passionate and experienced marketing coordinator, copywriter and social media enthusiast. He is a blog writer and editor using analytics and social media to reach out to indie developers to review their games.

Ian is a consummate professional and Renaissance man, who enjoys myriad projects from multiple disciplines.

Ian completes his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communicative Studies from San Francisco State University in December 2017. He looks to do his graduate work at the University of Southern California.