Men are recognizing the need for softer skills

Men often suffer silently in the workplace and beyond. These workshops are designed to give voice to the myriad challenges we face around the areas of effective dialogue, focus, and clarity.

Below are some workshops and seminars being offered specifically to male audiences in School District environments:

Discovering Your Personality Type and How it Affects Your Work
Are you an introvert or extrovert? Are you a thinker or a feeler?  In this workshop we will engage in an actual Myers-Briggs personality test to discover your personality type and look at ways to leverage your strengths for increased satisfaction in your work, and increased effectiveness in all areas of your life. This class is fun and informative!

Goal Setting For Men
Are your current routines moving you toward your goals? Do you have clearly defined goals? This workshop is designed to re-motivate those who feel stuck and stagnant. In this course, you will reassess your values and what you want to achieve, learn to approach goals with specific plans, and put yourself on the road towards the life you desire.

Using Presentations to Get Your Point Across with Power
In this workshop, we will look at using Powerpoint and Google presentations to increase the clarity of your messages. We’ll discuss everything from picking the right template, to the proper use of transitions. If you’ve taken the “How to Get Your Point Across with Grace and Power” class, then this workshop is the perfect follow-up. 

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