What Would Happen If......

We've heard it a thousand times, "Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You." And, most of us have experienced that pleasurable tingle when we do a kind and selfless act for another. But science says that the benefits of such actions extend far beyond just feeling good.

The McGovern Institute at MIT says, "When we experience any motion or perform an action specific neurons in our brains fire. But when we observe someone performing this action, or when we imagine it, many of the same neurons will fire again, as if we were performing the action ourselves.

These empathy neurons connect us to other people, allowing us to feel what others feel. And since these neurons respond to our imagination, we can experience emotional feedback from them, as it if came from someone else."

In other words, we can form positive and pleasurable connections in our brains by simply observing or imagining kind acts.

Taking a step further, we could engage the kind acts ourselves, and potentially set off a worldwide chain reaction of positive and pleasurable experiences. Why not!?

Question: What would happen if every living person engaged in one kind, selfless, and helpful act today?