Angry Birds in the Office!

angrybird11cfinal2 (1).jpg

Even just one angry bird can disrupt your office environment and cause inefficiencies. But left unaddressed, they can quickly multiply and spread attitudes that negatively impact the structure of your entire organization.

The best action is to engage a problem-solving initiative sooner than later. Here are the steps:

  • Discover the root causes - Take the pulse of your organization to discover what people really feel. This listening campaign effectively doubles as an idea-gathering tool.
  • Engage a Culture Enhancement initiative - Use a professional development workshop designed to get all staff members on the same page around what it means to act professionally and effectively.
  • Encourage all leaders to model positive and professional behavior - Give your leaders the tools and encouragement to support your new initiative.

This type of initiative shows that the organization cares about the experience of its staff members and demonstrates a philosophy of constant improvement. It helps your team members tap into (or back into) pride and purpose in the workplace.