Some of Our Favorite Clients

A Smattering of Reviews

“They are able to zero in on issues such as cultures of communication, the importance of respect and integrity, good listening and respecting difference.

— A Human Resources Director who was experiencing organizational dysfunction

“Delano Garner Coaching and Consulting is able to connect with the multi-level and multicultural staff members of our organization. Delano, himself, is a great facilitator who has a magnanimous personality.

— A Nutrition Services Director with needs around cultural sensitivity

“I was struck by the way my people were engaged — not just helping them to better complete a project or perform a professional role — but connecting with the whole person and the distinctive experiences and unique perspective that he or she might bring to their work.

— A Community Engagement Director

“Attendees are encouraged to participate actively, solve work-related problems and break down barriers that traditionally stand in the way of organizational goals.

— A Business Services Director

“Delano Garner Coaching and Consulting is great working with diverse groups of people, and delivering content with a great sense of humor.

— A Director of Procurement